Site cleanup

Happy New Year

It's been 10 years since I wrote the first content for the first version of this site. Since then, the site has moved domain, and moved to a different framework and I've learned quite a bit about the art of my hobbies and how to write about them. And I'm still learning.

Looking back though, it's clear I was initially heavily focussed on building my synth project and somewhat out of my depth. I had a good idea of what I wanted to build, but not much of an idea of how to realise it. I went around in circles a few times on both the electronics and digital and code design of the various parts, and there were some posts here which did a poor job of explaining what I was trying to do.

To that end, I have removed the scruffy incomplete and sometimes incomprehensible posts about the early stages of that project, and kept only the posts which are stand alone and explain other projects I have worked on.

I did end up completing the analogue part of the synth in 2018 and the digital part finally at the end of 2023. And, I still haven't written much about it. I think it deserves a write-up and it's on my TODO list to at least make a basic post about it and show some photos and samples. Maybe this year. Maybe in another 10 years.

I've also committed an Internet Sin and changed the URL of some of the remaining posts. They had strange category names in the URLs, and I prefer the date URLs. And now all the post URLs are uniform. Apologies if you had to navigate around to find something you were linked to, but it's my site and I'll organise it as I want.

Finally, coming up this year is probably another synthesizer build in the chip-tune genre. There's a fair amount of design work done already, and the project is probably a bit too big to document properly in one post, so I will try to break that down into a series so that it's more manageable to write.

I'm also considering changing this site theme ... there are some other projects I've started along the way which have (or will have) their own web presence and I'm looking for a way to link them all up.

EDIT: I've now also changed the site generator, theme and canonical URLs for all posts. As much as possible I've created URL aliases for all existing posts.