Programmable Synth Controller Live Play Protocol

Immediate (Live) interface


R is the start register:

DD is the 16 bit register data. Data will continue to be read into each subsequent register until either:

Example 1: Set single register

02 12 EB 14 03

Set DACB; message enabled, gate enabled, trig enabled, value 2836

Example 2: Set multiple adjacent registers

02 15 C0 2B C0 2F C0 32 03

Set all PSG tone generators; message enabled, velocity 64, chord of MIDI notes G2, B2, D3

Example 3: Set multiple adjacent registers, superfluous data

02 17 C0 32 C0 32 xx xx 03

Set PSG tone generators B and C to MIDI notes D3. xx bytes will be ignored.